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favinavi, a user-friendly web favorite

  • Lazy people dedicated URL favorites, the pursuit of the most convenient and fast operation experience, use it to know.
  • Favinavi does not have a homepage, the homepage of favinavi is left to you, and it is up to you to customize your personalized homepage.
  • Import / export browser bookmark collection with one click, share your historical collection, and backup your important bookmarks.
  • Fast. Favinavi adopt many acceleration measures, and do our best to make the user experience the smoothest access speed under the existing network conditions.
  • Easy to edit and organize, mouse drag to adjust order, batch transfer/delete function.
  • Optimal solution to many pain points of browser bookmark collection, favorite URLs will never be lost again.
  • All PC/Mobile/Pad browsers are supported, and Chinese/English are now supported.
  • Search a multi-function search box, which can not only customize the default search engine, but also select one from several search engines on the fly.
  • Unifies your bookmark collection on various terminals and browsers.